That They All May Be One

Sunday, March 22, 2009 | |

That They All May Be One, originally uploaded by R Doyle Bowman.

Here is an interesting side note to the history of the church. This photo is facing the cornerstone of the Maywood Presbyterian Church. This is the same building featured in the previous post.

In 1980 the Maywood Presbyterian Church property was abandoned. Some time after that the property was purchased out right by a Mr. J.D.Lobb. Mr. Lobb removed the cornerstone of the church (seen above right). From under the cornerstone Mr. Lobb removed the original time capsule placed there in 1907. He then replaced the cornerstone and promptly sold the property.

Records do not indicate the contents of that time capsule. After I had read this, I couldn't help but think about what could have possibly been in that time capsule. It was placed in 1907 by the church founder Rev. Whitwell. I suppose the answer and the contents of that capsule are lost to history. However, the story is not.

As an aside, in the image you can almost make out where the mortar has been pried from in between the bricks.