Russia's Wartime Past - The Photography of Sergei Larenkov

Monday, March 23, 2009 | |

I am not the first person, nor will I be the last to write about the work of Russian photographer, Sergei Larenkov. He has created a set of haunting images combining modern St. Petersburg, Russia with wartime photographs. The result is an unusual and disturbingly present collection. You can see more of them at Sergei's blog here.

When I set out on this project, I came across Sergei's work and was completely fascinated. Many of us live in cities with perhaps hundreds of years of history around us all the time, and yet we are rarely aware of it. What Sergei has done so wonderfully, and what I hope to do, is to bring that history into the modern day in a visual and interesting way. When we are able to see the past in the present it reminds us that those that have come before are always with us.